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This is great.

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"And so we began to treasure the music that echoed off these ancient walls."

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This is a simple, beautiful, and visceral self portrait that needed reblogging. — EV

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08.05.2013 8:25PM - Skytrain exploration. Hitting downtown to get my bearings of the city’s core. I could have counted myself as “officially arrived” when we crossed the Port Mann Bridge. But that isn’t technically Vancouver. So, this actually marks the last leg of my journey to Vancouver: A SkyTrain ride from Edmund’s Station in Burnaby, to Granville St. in downtown Vancouver.

And as for the scenic view, there’s no better way to remember your arrival than slowly watching the city’s sunset-soaked skyline approach you. 
To the friends, family, and viewers who enjoyed following me on this memorable journey, thank you.

08.05.2013 5:20PM - The Port Mann Bridge. Welcome to the Greater Vancouver Area. Yeehaw! 

08.05.2013 10:37AM - As we approach Kamloops (24Km), the scenery changes drastically. The lush green mountain forests, and low lying clouds that swirl between them disappear. Beige, sandy, and barren.

08.05.2013 6:30AM- Had a rough night, last night. Terrible sleep, if any. Got the accidental type of hammered, probably due to fatigue and an empty stomach. Wretched my guts up for an hour. My throat is torn to shit. Leaving Revelstoke. At least the coffee’s good, and the morning sun is beautiful. Excuse me while I spend the next few hours apologizing to my liver.

08.05.2013 1:55PM - Brews and strange crews. Best pub ever. Great music, friendly people. The dreads/denim/knapsacks convention. And everybody says hello to you, or smiles when in your vicinity. British Columbia is only getting cooler and friendlier. A few beers later, all stress has subsided. Meanwhile, Jordan (the house DJ) is playing some great electro mash ups.

08.04.2013 11:50PM - No vacancies in Revelstoke. Sleeping in the truck is our only option, at this point. I’m wide awake, so I ventured down to an awesome local pub called The Last Drop. Mahogany everything, reggae music, and dreads everywhere. Loving it. And definitely craving some beers and solo time.